About us

Our company represents a partnership of two confectionery factories:

• LLC Confectionary Factory "MARMI";

• Concern "Chocoladnitsa" Co. Ltd.

We opened Concern "Chocoladnitsa" Co. Ltd. in 2003, and its primary function was the production of glazes and chocolate masses.


Then the company was engaged in the development of only glazes and chocolate masses. Eleven years ago, in 2018 the Chocoladnitsa factory launched our first batch of "assorted" type chocolates and sweet bars. Since 2013 the operating portfolio of the factory has been expanded to include the production of confectionery fillings. The company is constantly growing and developing to become an even better version of itself.


LLC Confectionary Factory “MARMI" was founded in 2010 and specializes on the production of a large assortment of chewing marmalades of the highest quality and industry standards.

Our company utilizes modern equipment and the latest in confectionery industry technologies, while taking pride in adhering to market traditions.

As of now, the LLC Confectionary Factory "MARMI"’s chewing marmalade can be seen and purchased in various stores and selling points in every region across the Russian Federation.


Our production is different from the analogs presented on the market, due to a combination of high quality, large range of products and flexible prices. Under the proper conditions and compliance to the standards of the process, our company has managed to achieve a larger than average storage time.


MARMI’s goal and vision is to constantly develop itself, introduce new technologies and practices to further elevate our position in the market, and of course, our main objective is to provide our clients with the best services and cooperation that can bee achieved.


We offer the following:

  • High quality production
  • Competitive prices
  • Product delivery to the shipment vehicle or to the clients transport company
  • Deferment of payment
  • Distribution agreements


Our specialists are ready to work together with you to develop a plan of marketing activities aimed at increasing turnover in retail outlets and attracting the mass consumers base.


(One of the tools of the sales representative is an illustrated catalog of our products.)